Knowing when enough is enough.

This is not something I particularly want to be talking about but as I explained in an Instagram post on Friday I have been receiving a lot of emails from you guys lately about wanting advice, as I said I'm not the advice giver but I'd always try my best with a smile on my face :) 

Support and being the person who is an option to somebody is a position I have been in before. It's not a fun position you think you are helping and being this amazing angel to a person and you aren't, because you get replaced and you get put in the back and you are only there for there convenience and they bring you back in time and time again with there sweet words and 'I know you've been very supportive and I cannot thank you enough for that' or 'your support means more to me than you would realise or 'you've supported me more than my own mates' or 'I've only told you and nobody else' words like that, that leave you feeling wanted and that the person needs you and unfortunately makes you fall for a person, I'm telling you right now it's bullshit. if the person needs you and wants you around they will make you a priority and make the effort to make you feel wanted. I am very, very respective person by nature and if a person has family issues or personal issues or commitments going on i am completely understanding of that because I am so dedicated to my own career, love being with my friends and have dealt with many personal family issues so I understand, but it gets to a point where it just doesn't it cut it for me anymore. Excuses and flaking on a person just becomes disrespectful and it literally drives me insane after awhile. 

I will support my friends and family till the end of this universe and back but as I just said if somebody wants you and says they need you they will make the effort to keep you in your life and make you a priority and not an option. Do yourself a favor and be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you are that person messaging them all the time with no reply? Are you the one always trying to make plans? Are you pretty much their personal assistant? If you think you is its time to cut this person out of your life or be upfront and honest with them! There comes a point where you need to stand up for yourself and stop being the pushover. If you think the other person will get pissed when they start to snap chat you, txt you and call you with no reply there is no doubt in my mind they will because they are so used to having you there and took you completely for advantage that when it's suddenly gone they have to take a step back and be like oh god what have I done! That is when they will get on the defence and try and make you feel bad. DO NOT FEEL BAD, this isn't your fault you gave them so many chances and they blew it!

It is time to you do you, be you and focus on yourself never, ever stop being the supportive one as I have said I have been in the same position but I will never ever stop supporting or being there for my friends they mean the world to me but you have to know when enough is enough. 

I hope this helps answer a lot of people's questions and I hope you all have a beautiful day! 


COMPLETELY obsessed with hymn for the weekend by Coldplay at the moment, how beautiful is Beyonce!

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